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Pain Relief from Car Accident and Sports Injuries

Auto accidents, sports injuries and daily stress can lead to chronic pain, migraines and digestive issues that will take a toll on your HEALTH. Dr. Malchar has been providing relief for families in New England for over 30 years with the most advanced level of customized care to restore optimal health. Dr. Malchar’s utilizes a combination of gentle, effective Chiropractic treatments along with the latest technology of cold laser, interferential, microcurrent, light therapy, PEMF and nutritional therapies to help you to heal faster, eliminate pain and reduce inflammation.

If you are experiencing pain, headaches, dizziness and or blurred vision following a car accident, let Dr. Malchar help you get the care you deserve. You will feel better. Call now for your appointment: 401 826-7600

Common Injury Symptoms

Neck Pain and Stiffness
Restriction of Motion
Spasm of Neck and Shoulders
Back Pain
Pain and Numbness in legs and arms
Headaches and Migraines
Weakness and Fatigue
Brain Fog
Dizziness or Blurry Vision
Loss of Memory or Concentration

Patient Injury Treatment

Post-Accident Assessment

During the assessment phase of your treatment, we ask several questions to accurately determine the right treatment program for you. Since some injuries don’t show themselves right away don’t wait until you feel pain. Its important that you schedule an appointment right away. Note that you will be asked to provide your complete medical history. We usually require the following information:

Where You Were Sitting
The Speed at Which You Were Traveling
Where Your Car Was Hit (from Behind, Head on, etc.)
Whether You Were Wearing a Lap and/or Shoulder Belt
Whether You Were Able to Brace Yourself before the Collision
If You Hit Anything inside the Car

Evaluation and Treatments

Dr. Victoria Malchar has had advanced training in whiplash and brain injury traumatology at the Spine Research Institute of San Diego. She has trained with Dr. Kharrazian in balancing brain chemistry and is a pioneer in her field of functional nutrition. Before building your program, she will first examine the extent of your injuries, order any necessary X-rays, MRI’s or blood work. After she will review your plan and report of findings with you. Dr. Malchar will also make referrals to the most appropriate neurologist, orthopedist, physical therapists and attorneys as needed.

Using the latest technology Dr. Malchar has developed her own
unique technique that incorporates the healing effects of Chiropractic and benefits of muscular therapy and nutrition which promotes the following:

Enhances the function of joints
Promotes healing of injuries
Accelerates tissue repair
Restores function to the neck,back and shoulder areas
Improves mobility

Reduces inflammation
Reduces stress
Increases flexibility
Prevents further damage
Promotes overall health.