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Patient Body Correcting Treatment

Holistic Nutrition for Better Health

Dr. Victoria Malchar believes that proper nutrition lays the vital ground work for healing and health, and has been providing holistic nutrition as an adjunct to her chiropractic treatments for the past 30 years. She employs a variety of techniques to deliver you the best possible nutritional plan designed for your specific need!

Total Body Modification

At Malchar Chiropractic Wellness Center in Warwick we take time to identify the root cause of your condition and provide appropriate treatment. Our chiropractors call this process Total Body Modification and it involves treating specific areas of your body that cause health impairments and structural imbalances.

What is TBM?

TBM is a technique that is used to identify a part of the body under stress and determine the cause of the problem. The physician then treats that area by restoring its balance with the nervous system. In other words, while basic chiropractic treatment is used to correct the structure and influence the function, TBM corrects the Functional Physiology or the study on how the body works. This, in turn, influences the structure of your body. Both are essential to optimum health.

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TBM Now and Then

In the early days of chiropractic care, the practitioner was not restricted by modern red tape when it came to providing treatment. Whenever these old masters found a problem, they always sought a way to correct it by taking advantage of the human body's inherent self-healing abilities. TBM followed that philosophy by exploring the human body's natural ability to regenerate on its own. That way, TBM was able to demonstrate that if the right thing is done to the body at the right time and in the right manner, wonders can happen. By combining the techniques of the old chiropractic masters with modern technology, TBM has been able to perform corrections and restore health, just as the old masters were able to do.

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I've been passionate about helping others all my life and that is one of the reasons I choose to be a chiropractor. I love helping people improve their lives through nutrition, chiropractic and lifestyle changes. I was happy to find a company that shares my values by using natural ingredients and having natural products.

I was introduced to Shaklee in 2001 and learned about their products from a patient. I had been looking for these types of products for many of my patients for years, and as I continued my research with Shaklee products, I was extremely happy with the products and science behind them.

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